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Channeled Message

Several times I heard mid-November.

We are in preparation and especially mid-November will be some kind of opening and a part of the preparation for several events that will open up in 2024 - The Big Revelation.

People will see what we have been talking about for years - if they are choosing the higher. Not all will and some will fall away.

The truth will now be seen - it will be obvious. The agenda has been about quieting the people and in this way they could do their agenda - their role. There will be circumstances - and this will lead to fall and closure of the lower.

Ashtar Command at your service and always with LOVE. We are operating with the Higher Guardians - connected to God Light - the higher streams of Light.

I was shown that we - the force of Lightworkers - have a special connection - a special beam of light and it is connected to their base. We radiate frequencies that cause a vibration down into the Earth - and codes are also sent back to the Mothership that carries out the directives managed by the Light - and only the Light - firmly anchored in Love to bring Peace to the Earth and the Universe.

In case of disturbance, the light tones are corrected to the correct vibration. We cannot perceive it in our physical existence.

A bright Light will sweep into and over the Earth. We Rejoice with you because this will cause Events that are predicted and it will gradually create more Peace on the Planet.

It will be more clear within a few months.

I heard: The Pleiades, Venus and Sirius. I was shown a Triangle and it is connected with the Pleiades, Venus and Sirius.

We are here - in service to the Light - Positioned in Love.

- Camilla Lundberg

Picture: Solar Code - art by Sequoia

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