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Animal Healing

I love all Animals and I look forward to meeting and assisting you and your loved Animal to live a better life.

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Light Language Transmissions

Animals are very receptive to Light Language.

Domestic animals are often mirroring and clearing for their owners, though sometimes they have their own issues or traumas.

It can be good to work with the owner as well.

Sessions over Zoom or Skype with the owner.

For more information, read about Light Language Transmissions.

Rising Star Healing

Rising Star Healing sessions are extremely beneficial for Animals and the Healing works especially extraordinarily well on the emotional and psychological levels, and enables your loved one to heal the effects of trauma, and release unresolved issues and baggage that may be preventing your loved one from living a joyful and well-adjusted life. Rising Star healing sessions work extremely well to enable your pet to feel calm, peaceful and happy.

Animal Healing sessions may be performed by distance if an in-person session is not possible. Your loved one will receive the same powerful effects as an in-person healing session.

For more information, read about Rising Star Healing.

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