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Light Language Transmission

What is Light Language?

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Light Language is a multidimensional form of non-linear communication.

It is channeled, dynamic frequencies of sound and light, that initiates your inherent wisdom and healing.

It reveals hidden threads of information within the DNA of humanity that have been waiting to awaken and help you remember you are Divine.

Light Language is best described as an experience.

You feel a recognition. It’s understood, but not consciously.

It feels like home.

Some Light Language is closer to our languages and can be translated into linear information that we can understand.

Sometimes it is too non-linear and deep to be translated word-for-word, or even into a broader meaning. But the body feels it, feels the catalyst of change.

Light Language speaks the connective language of the heart rather than the known language of the mind. 

There are many forms of Light Language. Whether you are receiving or transmitting, it is always bridged through your higher self. 

Light Language can be spoken, written, sung or signed through your hands and body.

All forms are equal and yet they can have a varying effect due to the nature of the form.

Light Language is a Powerful Energy Healing Modality

The beauty of Light Language is that it is exactly what you need, when you need it. Each time you interact with it, you receive a new healing since your energy field is constantly changing.

Animals are also very receptive to Light Language.

Light Language :

Expands your Heart

Releases energetic blockages

Increases your intuition

Cleanses your mind

Heals your body

Bypasses your mental limitations

Clarifies Higher Self communication

Accesses you innate wisdom

Activates your pineal gland

Repairs DNA

Accelerates Ascension

Light Language speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature.

Your Higher Self initiates the Light Language codes to release and activate for your highest good.

It releases past information of trauma or pain that blocks your progress.

It activates dormant gifts and capabilities that are part of your soul stream.

Light Language is a powerful catalyst for the Ascension and it realigns your heart, mind and body into the Light of your Soul.

All information about Light Language Transmissions is written by Jamye Price at

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