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Hi, I’m Camilla Lundberg.

As an Intuitive Channel, Healer, Angel Medium, Light Language Channel, Naturopathic Therapist and Writer, I am here to help you to live from your Heart and to be in alignment with who you really are.

Through Healing, Channeled Messages, Light Language Transmissions and Naturopathic Treatments I can help you to feel more balance, harmony, strength, peace and wholeness within yourself.

This will help you live more easily from your Heart and to move forward on your Soul’s path with more faith, inner peace, courage, strength, balance, clarity, will and motivation.

Your body and soul are very good at self-healing, but sometimes help is necessary.

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When you do not follow your Heart and your Soul’s path you don’t feel well.

In 2009, when I started to really work on my inner self, when I started to listen more and more to the guidance that I received, I realized that I received messages from my Spirit Guides and Angels.

Since then they have really helped me to move forward on my path, the one I am supposed to walk in this life.

The Channeled Messages from my Angels and Spirit Guides have helped me to follow my Heart.

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One of the first messages that I received back then was that I should live a totally different life from that which I was then living.

I listened for a long time, around 2 years, before I really did anything about the advice that was given to me. The advice became necessary steps which I needed to take. It felt a bit scary, not at all what I had imagined before thinking about my life. I felt as if I was being forced onto uncertain ground where I had never been or even thought about going.

Why should I leave what appeared to be a safe existence?

But, when you do not follow your Heart and your Soul’s purpose here on Earth your body and soul will not feel well.

Resisting my life path, my Soul’s purpose here on Earth was draining me and made me feel inner stress and anxiety.

With the understanding that there is no choice but to follow my Heart, I have since then taken the steps forward which have been necessary for me and my soul’s development.

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With every step that I have taken I have felt more and more confident that I am on the right path. The path which I am meant to follow.

Your Heart and your Soul know what is best for you!

Together with other souls on the planet, I am here on Earth, assisting with uplifting humanity and raising consciousnesses, helping humanity and the whole planet Earth to heal and ascend into the higher frequencies.

I am here with you and for you - to help you to find wholeness within yourself, to live from your Heart and to transform into the higher frequencies Love and Joy.

As a Channel of Love, Joy and Expression, I look forward to connecting and assisting you in Transforming Your Life!

I feel honored to be a Channel for Healing, Transmissions and Messages for you! 

It’s time to reveal the Beautiful Soul that You are, and to be able to live your life to the fullest from your Heart. It’s time to shine your Light.

Lots of Love,

Certifications and Training

2022 Quantum Signature Healing - ongoing

2021 Rising Star Practitioner Initiation and Training – Certified Rising Star Healing Practitioner

2021 Light Language Accelerator course with Jamye Price – Certified Light Language Channel

2021 Light Language course with Jamye Price

2020 Ascension 2020 with Judy Satori

2020 Workshop with Tim Whild, Diana Cooper and Rosemary Stephensson

2019 Mentorship with Birkan Tore

2019 Ascension Workshop with Tim Whild

2018 Ascension Workshop with Tim Whild

2018 Infinity Healing Course 1 & 2 – Certified Advanced Infinity Healer

2017 Angelic Mediumship with Birkan Tore – Certified Angel Medium

2015 Akashic Course 1 & 2 with Lisa Barnett

2012-2013 In-depth communication technique

2009-2011 Nature Medicine  – Certified Naturopathic Therapist

2008-2009 Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Spa Therapist

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