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Naturopathic Treatment - Massage

A very strengthening and balancing acupressure massage where both the physical body, including the muscles and meridians are stimulated to provide strength, power, balance and flow.

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The treatment also helps to dissolve blockages on a physical, mental, psychological and soul level, integrating all bodies. In the treatments, I interweave my knowledge of the elements, meridians, acupressure and zones, with my intuition and healing.

Each treatment and session is created according to your conditions and needs. Every meeting is important.

We need energy, life force, to be able to live our lives fully, to feel well and to have good health. We must also replenish more energy than we consume, otherwise it will be weak and insufficient. This can manifest itself through a weakened immune system, fatigue and illness. We get energy naturally through various sources e.g. nutritious food, enough rest, movement/exercise, good relationships and Nature’s own forces. The life force works everywhere, in us and around us.

With Naturopathic Treatments I can help you to strengthen and balance your life force to provide an increased opportunity for healing and health.

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