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Channeled Message

Greetings Dear Beings of Light.

We ask for permission to come in and assist you in this Transformation of Light.

We are Aurora.

Your wish is our direction.

Connect and meet us through your Hearts.

The time is Now for Miracles.

Open your Hearts.

God is with us All.

God is IN us All.

Cooperation between galaxies.

You, Dear Light Beings - You, Dear members of the Love alliance - a light is lit and a New Era is open.

Step into the Light and leave the lower behind.

Now we stand in the Sun’s Light.

The path does not go forward but goes round in a spiral atmosphere of light.

We lead you Home to what you came to Earth for.

Reach out your hand to those in need.

Show Love to Everyone around you - to Everyone on your path.

Smile and a light is lit in others and for others.

A circle.

A new cycle.

A new manifestation.

The Path of Love is Liberating, Uplifting and Rewarding.

Now is the Time!

Now is Love!

Now is Peace!

Beloved Souls - You are Infinitely LOVED.

Understand your worth.

Understand your greatness.

Understand WHO YOU ARE.

You came here in Joy and in Joy you shall walk.

We are Aurora - Your Family.

WE LOVE YOU and we are here with you ALL TIME.

- Camilla Lundberg

Picture: Aurora from Ascension Glossary

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