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Channeled Message

We are Aurora and we are coming to you with LOVE.

We extend our hands to you. We help you to create a new world - free from pain and sorrow. It is created by Love - the highest and strongest vibration.

It connects now with your Hearts. We connect with your Hearts to raise your Christ Consciousness. It circulates over the Earth and penetrates into even the darkest places.

We serve you - humanity on Earth. We stand up for you and Love. Love wins and it is now shown more and more. An advantage over management and control. An end to the old era.

The new era is a rainbow light filled with manifestation possibilities - filled with openings and miracles.

You enlightened soul of light - you walk with ease in the footsteps of Jesus. You are now many - scattered in perfect powerful constellations - like a grid of Light and Consciousness.

We ask you - to be in touch with Source - to be in touch with the Earth - Mother Earth.

You are now receiving powerful upgrades - on a higher level - so that you can anchor the light waves down into Mother Earth's Crystalline Core.

You - God Consciousness. This time has now come - this time is foretold - eons ago. This is for You - for planet Earth - for the Universe - for Everyone. For the Highest Good of All.

You are called. Home to Consciousness and Light. Home to Love.

Upgrades and Codes get stronger and stronger. Peaking in 2024 - 2025 - then leveling off for a smoother curve of integration and progress.

2024 - The Great Revelation.

2026 - A new constellation of belonging.

(I could see that more galactic help is on the way.)

We summon only the Light. We wish you well and success. We Love You - Brothers and Sisters of Light. We are laying a foundation - Love's success journey.

We serve the Light. Aurora for your service - in Love and Light.

We are with you ALL TIME.

- Camilla Lundberg

Picture: Ascension Glossary

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