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Channeled Message

The next stage of the Strongest Light Waves. We are watching - We are here helping you to reach the next stage - the Higher state of Unconditional Love and Acceptance of All Beings.

Sunstreams circling around Jupiter. Jupiter Moons - Hiding Activations

Planetary movement - Planetary line - Planetary coordination - will create waves. Waves of Light. Waves of Water. Thunderstorms - to clear the path - to clear the energies.

I heard: October - November

I could see a vision of a High peak.

Waves of Light. Strongest Light Wave. Will create imbalance and fallen agendas. Will bring Clarification, Understanding and Confusion to the Masses.

We have known it all along. The Light will awake. A Light will show up to bring clarity.

I could see Rainbow Light swirling closely over Earth. There is a message with that. We have now reached a point for the Upgraded version of Humanity.

I was shown a vision, a metaphor, and I could see people and they were standing in a line. Some of them were walking in one direction and others were walking in another direction. Stay in lower frequencies or rise into even Higher frequencies.

Upgraded bodies. Multidimensional bodies. Physical state in a more Multidimensional state. Physical bodies with changeable form.

We are starting to shift into that state of living. Stronger connection to Source. Being encoded with God Light in a more profound way.

A Ki A CHi A Ka

I was shown Strong Light coming out from fingertips - like lasers - but so much more advanced. This can heal and clear anything.

Will step up in dimensions - still be here - not always seen.

We are here Together now as One - One Force of Unified Love and that will bring clarity to the people.

Stand strong in your Light. Stand strong Dear Light Pillars. You are shining your Light and that will bring comfort to the Masses.

Stand in Your Knowing - Your Truth - Your Love - Your Compassion - Your Strength. They will seek you - because you are the Ones paving the way. You are the Ones with the All-Knowing Wisdom You are connected in Love - Stand strong in Love - For All.

We are wrapping it up now - to bring this shift forward - and to open the Strong Light Gate - for the shift to Happen.

We are here Smiling. We are here Bowing - for All of You for your hard consistent work. So Much work has paved the way for this to Happen - Because without you here Grounding it into Mother Earth - Grounding it into the Souls - this couldn’t be done.

Dear Souls. Dear Brave Souls. We Love You. We Cherish You.

Let’s bring this new shift into place now. Golden Star Gate. This is what you have been waiting for - this is what you have been working for.

I could see Golden coins.

Shift your perspective. Thrive. Step up. Manifest. Golden Chapter. Magic - Magical Gifts. Increased Gifts - Upgraded Gifts.

You can see your life from a higher perspective. You will also be able to see others' lives and be able to help them even more - in a deeper - more profound way - to clear them - to balance them - to heal them.

With this Higher step - this Higher state of evolution - higher state of being/living - you will increase your gifts and walk closer connected to Source.

God Essence Beings. Listen now. Make the moves now. Move forward on your path.

Make sure you stay in the Knowing of who You are. You Are God.

The Song of Love will be sung All over the whole Universe. Ripple effect will shake them up - to stand in the Truth - and nothing but the Truth.

We are here to serve Humanity. We are here to serve the Planet Earth and Universe.

Thank you for doing your part in the Ascension. Thank you for fulfilling your Agreements - in the Name of Love and Only Love.


We are All the Love. We are All Created by Love - Love Codes of the Highest resonance. LOVE IS ALL WE NEED.

- Camilla Lundberg

Channeled by Camilla a month ago on September 27 2022.

Thank you Dear Beautiful Souls, for being here with me! Lots of Love to you All!

Picture: Unknown

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