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Live from the Heart!

I am here to help you expand into Self-Love, Compassion, Joy, Love and Gratitude.


It’s time to reveal the Beautiful Soul that You are, and to be able to live your life to the fullest from your Heart. It’s time to shine your Light."

Together with other souls on the planet, I am here on Earth, assisting with uplifting humanity and raising consciousnesses, helping humanity and the whole planet Earth to heal and ascend into the higher frequencies.

As a Channel of Love, Joy and Expression, I look forward to connecting and assisting you in Transforming Your Life!

What I offer to you

Through Healing, Channeled Messages, Light Language Transmissions and Naturopathic Treatments I can help you to feel more balance, harmony, strength, life force energy, peace and wholeness within yourself.


I Channel Messages for you from a distance, by connecting with your Angels, Spirit Guides (5D and above) and your Higher Self.


Rising Star Treatments represent the energy of the Sun and the Healing is an extraordinarily powerful system that has been given to humanity as a tool to help us move forward toward enlightenment, helping to promote unity consciousness.

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Light Language Transmissions

Light Language is a multidimensional form of non-linear communication. It is channeled, dynamic frequencies of sound and light, that initiates your inherent wisdom and healing.


Infinity Healing

With the Infinity Healing you open up to the Infinite possibilities of who You are!

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Animal Healing

I love all Animals and I look forward to meeting and assisting you and your loved Animal to live a better life.


Naturopathic Treatment - Massage

A very strengthening and balancing acupressure massage where both the physical body, including the muscles and meridians are stimulated to provide strength, power, balance and flow.

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What my clients say

Dear Camilla, Thank you so much for the Rising Star Healing. I felt all my chakras open up. I felt the energy really expand during the session. It was so beautiful. The energy was lovely dear one. So grateful to you. 

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